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Daycare Insurance

Are you looking for insurance for your childcare center, family daycare or preschool? Usually it is not required by licensing. They may give you a waiver for the parents to sign, so that they are aware you do not carry any liability daycare insurance. This may vary from state to state please check with your local licensing agency. Although it may be required by your homeowners insurance company or homeowners association. It is still a good idea to have some protection with insurance for your childcare home.
Some of the things to consider when looking for an insurance agency:
  • Is how much of a deductable you would like to pay?
  • Also how much coverage you may need for your facility?
  • Do you accept monthly payments?
If you own your own home you would normally have homeowners insurance usually, there is an exclusion for daycare in the home but still check with your agent to see what is exactly covered. Below are some companies we have found that supply insurance to childcare industry.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:  When you care for children for a fee in your home or commercial daycare center, you are in business, even if you do not need a business license. Childcare providers face exposures to liability. To protect you and your family's assets, you need to, maintain a good safety program, follow applicable licensing requirements and purchase insurance.


Reasonable Care
You have a legal duty to act with reasonable care while supervising children in your custody. When a provider fails to use reasonable care and a child is consequently injured or becomes sick, it can be said that the provider "breached the duty of care" or "acted negligently," and that provider can be sued.
This information was supplied by: www.childcareinsuranceservices.com

General Liability Insurance:
Every child care facility needs General Liability insurance. This essential coverage protects you if you are sued by someone who claims you caused their physical injury or damaged their property.

It’s a fact of life—accidents will happen, and you might be sued. It can occur in an instant: a parent claims your negligence caused a child’s injury, or someone slips on your floor. In any of these circumstances, you may be held responsible.

With Markel’s General Liability insurance, you have the advantage. If you’re sued, Markel will provide you with top-quality legal defense.
This information was supplied by: www.childcareinsurance.com


Welcome to Morgan & Associates, Inc!
We offer insurance programs for Preschools, Montessori's and Commercial Childcare Centers. Morgan & Associates, Inc. features the Business Owner Policy (BOP). The BOP is the Best Value in the Childcare Insurance Industry. Click here for a complete listing of the states that Morgan & Associates is licensed in for non-military policies. This information was supplied by: www.morganinsurance.com

Thomco Program Summary
The THOMCO Child Care Choice Program consists of a comprehensive package of insurance coverages specifically designed to address and support the coverage issues of the childcare industry.

The program is designed to entertain both for profit and non-profit operations providing early childhood education such as Corporate Child Care Centers, School Age Child Care, Nursery Schools and Parent Cooperatives.

Child Care Choice is a multi line program available nationally through a company rated A- by A.M. Best. It is also endorsed by various state associations. This information was supplied by: www3.thomcoins.com

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