Childcare Training

There are many options to look into when you want to get childcare training. Some ways of getting trained in the child care industry are: Taking classes online! Do an online search for"Childcare Training" and many colleges and or certificate programs will show up-Some programs are accredited and some are not, it all depends what you are looking for. A preschool teacher usually needs a few accredited college units in order to start working at a preschool center. Every state has different

Another way to get training would be, going to your local childcare resource and referral service or YMCA and asking them what classes they may have regarding child care. These usually count as clocked hours or continuing education units or CEU.

Also go to your local Community College. They usually have a good selection of classes to take for childcare training and it is fun to interact with other people in the class that all have the same goal as you, working with children.

As far as online classes go, they are nice because you can work at your own pace, and if you have a regular day job it is sometimes easier to take online child care classes so you wont be so stressed that you can work on your courses at your leisure.

Be sure to research your States prerequisites regarding how many units needed and what kind of continuing education is required.

Some important qualities to have if you are interested in the childcare industry would be:

Interest- in children and their development

aring nature

Patience – children can be demanding and you need to be tolerant of their behavior

Confidence – you must be able to maintain positive behavior

Good communication and listening skills – you need to be able to talk to children in a clear and simple way and listen to what they are saying

Enthusiasm – children respond best to a happy and friendly person

Sense of humor

Team spirit – staff have to work together as a team

Organizational and planning skills-You may be
asked to plan activities or keep a record of a child’s development

Remember for children to grow into healthy, and confident adults, they need well trained,

caring people to support them. Working with children is rewarding and challenging. Children’s natural

curiosity, sense of wonder and enthusiasm for play and learning has a positive effect on the adults that work

with them
. Children also need adults who bring commitment and enthusiasm to these play and learning


Some places where you can work are: Nurseries, Family Daycare Centers, Large Corporate Daycare Centers, Church Schools or an assistant to a teacher in a community or public school. Search  our site for Childcare Jobs in your area.